Social Commitment

Milestone Clothing is fully committed to international human rights, humane values, green initiatives to preserve environment. We also practice ethical behavior and professionalism in all aspects of our business practice. We value our human capital.

There are full-time doctors and nurses for emergency treatment of the managers, and employees. Preventive Medical care, family well-being and mother and children care advice are provided free of costs.

There are dining room and canteen for in-house lunch and refreshments for employees.

Complimentary bus services is provided for employees.

All safety and environment standards and requirements are met and re-enforced with vigorous inspection and meticulous maintenance of hygiene and sanitation standers. Our compliance officers ensure high environment and human rights standards.

Childcare center for female employees are provided for their child safety and care so that female employees can work without tension.

Two yearly bonus is provided in all factories of Milestone.

There are committee of employees representing employees to maintain harmonious relationship with employees and top Management.There are committee of employees to maintain harmonious relationship with employees and top Management.

All the factory campuses are well protected by brick boundary security wall. A group of security personnel is situated at factory premises to ensure 24/7 security.

There are well-trained fire fighters with modern equipment to rescue employees in case of any fire incident. A fire drill takes place in every month


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