Quality Assurance

Milestone Clothing enforces strict quality control at all stages of production. Quality assurance program includes constant in-line inspections across the entire production process and a final random AQL inspection. No shipment is released without an inspection certificate issued by the head of Quality Control.


To ensure high quality, yarn, fabrics, clothing and finished garments products are comprehensively lab tested by reputed international testing companies such as VERITAS, SGS and ITS.

Fabric quality Checking
After issuing fabric from store to cutting section, the fabric is checked by auto fabric checking machine.

After-cutting inspection
Once the cutting is done with pattern, all the cut pieces are checked randomly. If any inadequacies are found, those are sorted out and if necessary, it is re-cut with the same pieces of the same die lot.

In-line inspection
Continuous inspections of each piece are carried out at three or four points in line and immediately corrective actions are taken, if needed.

Sewing Output inspection
After sewing output, a group of highly qualified Quality Control experts carry out inspection of each piece before passing to the finished section.

Primary Checking at finishing
At finishing section, a process-wise inspection is carried out by specialized Quality Controllers at each point.

Final Checking
After process-wise checking, an overall audit of the merchandise is done by experienced Quality Controllers.

Get up Checking
Before Packing, an overall Get-up inspection is done by Quality Controllers.

Pre - Final Inspection
A pre- final audit is done based on buyer specifications by senior Quality Controllers before offering the product for final inspection by the buyer.

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