Knitting Division

Milestone Clothing Knitting Division is modern and uses state of the art machines and equipment including computerized four and eight tracks knitting machines from highly reputed and reliable international name brand companies. Only the best yarn is used to produce consistent quality of fabrics and maintaining the highest international standard.

Milestone Clothing produces varieties of fabrics including Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Interlock, Pique, Lacoast, 1X1 Rib, 2X2 Rib, Peach Finish, French Terry, Rib, Needle Drop, Yarn dyed Stripe and many other designed fabrics.

Dyeing and Finishing Division

Milestone Clothing has dyeing and finishing facilities. These facilities have world-class equipments and machineries for fabrics dyeing and finishing. Team of experience technicians perform the dyeing and finishing work resulting in uniformity of the finished material.

The dyeing and finishing facilities have in-house laboratories that furnished with the latest equipments and technologies. Lab experts assure the best matching of color pantone or color swatch provided by the buyer.

Milestone Clothing has a group of adept merchandisers and quality controllers to ensure quality and delivery maintaining intensive follow up with the buyers from placing orders up to shipment. Milestone Clothing USA believes in dynamic accountable management system, hence the company follows total quality management (TQM). The company hires best human resources available in the industry to fulfill this view.

Garments Division

Milestone Clothing Garments division has all the facilities to ensure tailoring excellence. The sewing section uses latest brand machines with automatic thread cutting, trimming, and sucking devices. This division has special types of sewing machineries like Picot, Fagot, Zigzag and Feed-off-the-Arm, PMD, & computer control bar tacking. For finishing, vacuum table and steam Iron is used. The sewing and finishing floors are under constant and continuous surveillance and quality monitoring to achieve perfection


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