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Milestone Clothing USA is a vertically integrated international textile and garments company providing full range of services through its factories and offices in the United States, Canada, Russia, China, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Milestone Clothing has achieved forward and backward linkages in textile and garments industry by accumulating experience in the last thirty years. Milestone Clothing has established factories capable of spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, finishing, designing, cutting, stitching, manufacturing, and seamlessly connecting the supply chain to its international B2B and B2C customers.

From its corporate headquarters in New York and California, Milestone Clothing coordinates its international operation using the latest IT infrastructure with SAP ERP solutions. A team of highly qualified multi-disciplinary professionals trained in business, IT, finance and accounting manages the SAP platform to provide the latest strategic support to the top managements and executives. The company’s supply chain, customer relations, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, MIS, DSS and strategic planning are managed by automated IT solutions.

Milestone Clothing ensures punctual delivery, high quality and competitive pricing because of economy of scale achieved though its own and affilitate manufacturing facilities and IT integration in all stages of operation.

Milestone Clothing garments units are 100% export oriented with clients in the largest clothing markets in the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and the Russian Federation.

Milestone Clothing has a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations by consistently developing products customized according to client specifications. It offers value to clients in terms of high quality, competitive price, adhering to safety, international human rights and environmental protection.


The company strives

To satisfy and meet customer's expectation by developing and providing products on time

To offer value in terms of quality, price, safety and preserving the environment by using Green strategy

To provide employees with internationally standards of working condition

To ensure equal opportunity and promote human capital



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